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Reading an invoice

Reviewed on 22 April 2024Published on 23 February 2024

Your Scaleway invoice contains the following sections:

  • Invoice number (1): A unique reference number for your invoice.
  • Invoice status (2): Displays the billing period, issuing and due dates of the invoice.
  • Seller information (3): Contact details of Scaleway SAS along with their VAT number.
  • Customer details (4): Includes postal address, email address, Organization ID, and for business accounts, the EU VAT number.
  • Project table (5): Provides information on invoiced Projects, including Project names, consumed resources, and total Project amounts based on consumption during the accounting period. Located below the Project table you find the Consumption table. This section details resource consumption, including Project names, services/operations consumed (e.g., Instances, Object Storage, Elastic Metal servers), consumption periods, total usage, and calculated prices based on consumption.
  • Total invoice amount (6): Calculated from the untaxed total of the invoice. For EU customers, the local VAT rate is applied to the untaxed total to determine the total due amount.
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