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Creating backups via the Scaleway API

Reviewed on 26 May 2021Published on 26 May 2021

The Backup feature is used to back up your Instance data. It creates an image of a snapshot that contains all your volumes.


A backup is created using the command:

POST https://api.scaleway.com/instance/v1/zones/<region>/<uid>/action

Replace <region> with the geographical region of the Instance. This value can be fr-par-1 for Instances located in Paris, for example. Replace <uid> with the unique identifier of the Instance.

By default, the name of the image is built according to the name of the server and the date:


Alternatively you can specify a name for the image in the request:

POST https://api.scaleway.com/instance/v1/zones/<region>/servers/<id>/action
{ "action":"backup", "name":"myimagename" }

A backup request will create an Image object (Visible in the href_result: /images/<image_uuid>)

GET https://api.scaleway.com/instance/v1/zones/<region>/images/<image_uid>

An Image contains one snapshot for each volume of the instance. These snapshots are visible within the Image response, as root_volume and extra_volumes fields

Deleting a backup

To delete the image that contains a backup run the following call:

DELETE https://api.scaleway.com/instance/v1/zones/<region>/images/<image_uid>

It is also recommended to remove every snapshot related to the image by running the following API call for each snaphot that is no longer needed:

DELETE https://api.scaleway.com/instance/v1/zones/<region>/snapshots/<snapshot_uid>