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The right Instance for development purposes
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The right Instance for development purposes

Reviewed on 28 August 2023Published on 22 February 2023

An Instance is a virtual machine in the cloud. Scaleway supports several types of Instances, each with their own set of resources, unique value propositions, and technical specifications. Each Instance supports the essential operating systems and distributions, as well as customized Instantapps.

Development Instances and General Purpose Instances

Scaleway’s Cost-Optimized range includes Development Instances and General Purpose Instances. These Instances provide a balance of compute, memory, and networking resources, and can be used for a wide range of workloads. For example, they are ideally suited for scaling a development and testing environment, but also Content Management Systems (CMS) or microservices. They are also a good default choice if you are not sure which Instance type is best for your application.

See below the technical specifications of Development Instances or General Purposes Instances:

Instance TypeDEV1
Availability ZonePAR1, PAR2, PAR3 (excl. DEV1), AMS1, AMS2, WAW1, WAW2
StorageLocal or Block
Max. BandwidthFrom 200 to 500 Mbps
CPU TypeDEV1: AMD EPYC 7281 (2,1 GHz) or equivalent
GP1: AMD EPYC 7410P (2 GHz) or equivalent
ResourcesShared vCPUs
SizingFrom 2 to 4 vCPUs
From 2 to 12 GB RAM
vCPU:RAM ratioVarious
(1:1, 1:2, 1:3)

PLAY2 Instances and PRO2 Instances

In the same Cost-Optimized range, you will also find PLAY2 and PRO2 Instances. These are the next generation of Development and General Purpose Instances. They present the best price-performance ratio with the most flexible vCPU to RAM ratio, and provide features that target most standard and cloud-native workloads. In other words, these Instances keep costs down while still supporting a wide variety of cloud applications, such as medium-to-high-traffic web servers, medium-sized databases and e-commerce websites.

See below the technical specifications of PLAY2 and PRO2 Instances:

Instance TypePLAY2
Availability ZonePAR1, PAR2, PAR3 (excl PLAY2), AMS1, AMS2, AMS3, WAW1, WAW2, WAW3
Max. BandwidthFrom 100 Mbps to 6 Gbps
CPU TypeAMD EPYC 7543 (2,8 GHz)
ResourcesShared vCPUs
SizingFrom 1 to 32 vCPUs
From 2 to 128 GB RAM
vCPU:RAM ratioVarious
(1:2, 1:4)

Complementary services

To help build and manage your applications, consider complementing your Instance with the following compatible services:

Matching use cases

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