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Restore an object from Glacier class

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How to restore an object from Glacier

Reviewed on 28 February 2022Published on 27 May 2021

Objects in Glacier can only be restored to Standard class.

  1. Click Object Storage in the Storage section of the side menu. The list of your buckets displays.

  2. Click the bucket name that contains the objects you want to restore to STANDARD class. The list of objects displays.

  3. Click the Restore icon next to the object that you want to restore:


    Alternatively, click «See more Icon» > Restore.

  4. Enter the number of days after which the object will be transferred back to Glacier.

  5. Click Restore object from S3 Glacier.


Depending on the size of your object, the restoration process may take up to 6 hours. Your object will remain available in STANDARD storage class for the duration you chose during the restore process. It will be transferred automatically back to GLACIER once the configured period is over.

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