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I lost access to a bucket after applying a bucket policy

Reviewed on 04 June 2024Published on 04 June 2024

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization


I am noticing decreased throughputs, timeouts, high latency, and overall instability on my Scaleway Object Storage deployment.


  • Go to the Status page to see if there is an ongoing incident on the Scaleway infrastructure.

  • Retrieve the logs of your buckets using any S3-compatible tool to identify the cause of the problem:

    • Rclone
    • S3cmd
    • MinIO Client
    • AWS CLI

Going further

  • Refer to the documentation on how to optimize your Object Storage performance for more information.

  • If you did not manage to identify the error and solve it by yourself, open a support ticket, and provide as many details as possible, along with the necessary information below:

    • S3 Endpoint (e.g.
    • Bucket name
    • Object name (if the request concerns an object)
    • Request type (PUT, GET, etc.)
    • HTTP status code
    • Date and time (timestamp)
    • User-agent (SDK, client, console, etc.)
    • Transaction ID (if possible)
    • Log / Trace of the error (if possible)
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