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Methods to deploy Serverless Containers

Reviewed on 19 September 2023Published on 10 March 2023

Serverless Containers can be deployed and managed using various tools. This page aims to help you find the right tool for your use case.


You can find examples using all the deployment methods shown here in our Serverless Examples repository.

Scaleway console

The Scaleway console is the easiest way to get started deploying Containers.

The console lets you deploy containers from the Scaleway Container Registry or public repositories.

Serverless framework

Serverless Framework is a tool dedicated to easing the deployment of serverless applications, including Scaleway Serverless Functions and Containers.

With Serverless Framework, you can deploy your Dockerfile as a Serverless Container via a single command: serverless deploy.

Your Container configuration is done via a single YAML file, which can be checked into your version control system.

Installation, examples, usage and advanced documentation is available in the Serverless Scaleway Plugin repository.

Serverless Framework can be used in many use cases such as CI/CD, production deployments, and multi-project deployments with serverless-compose.

Many of the examples found in our Serverless Examples repository make use of Serverless Framework, and may help you get started.


Serverless Containers integrate easily with your infrastructure as code, via our Terraform provider and resources.

Examples using Terraform can be found in our Serverless Examples repository, such as our example using Terraform to deploy and NGINX container.


The Scaleway HTTP API lets you manage your Serverless Functions and Containers via HTTP calls.

The HTTP API can be useful when integrating Container management into your automated tasks, continuous integration, and more custom use cases.


The Scaleway CLI is a simple command line interface that allows you to create, update, delete and list your Serverless Functions and Containers.

Installation instructions and documentation is available in the Scaleway CLI repository.

Scaleway SDKs

The Scaleway SDKs allow you to manage your resources directly from your favorite languages.

The available SDKs are:

  • Go SDK
  • JS SDK
  • Python SDK

The documentation for each SDK is held in its respective repository.

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