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How to use billing alerts

Reviewed on 14 February 2024Published on 14 February 2024

The billing alerts within the Scaleway console allow you to oversee your expenses efficiently. This feature allows you to create alerts that notify users when predefined budget thresholds are met. Your alerts can be seamlessly delivered through SMS, email, or API webhook channels.

Your budget, denominated in euros, represents the limit for your expenses. Simultaneously, the threshold corresponds to a predetermined percentage of this budget. You have the autonomy to define both the budget, and the threshold within the Scaleway console.

For example:

  • If you have defined a budget of €1,000, you may configure an email notification to be sent once you have consumed 50% of this limit. In this case, once your consumption reaches €500, you will receive an email informing you that the limit threshold has been reached.

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Scaleway account logged into the console
  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization
  1. Click Billing in the Organization drop-down menu to go to the Billing Overview page.

    Alternatively, you can reach the billing page from your Organization Dashboard by clicking Go to Billing above the Current consumption area.

  2. Click the Consumption tab.
  3. Scroll down to Billing alerts.
  4. Click Create a billing alert to configure an alert. A pop-up displays.
  5. Enter the percentage threshold that triggers the alert and configure the warning that will be sent. Available warning types are:
    • SMS notifications
    • E-mail notifications
    • Webhook triggers
  6. Click Create billing alert to enable the alert. You may configure up to 10 billing alerts based on your monthly budget. To create a new billing alert, click Add billing alert, and repeat the steps above.

Billing alerts only provide a rough estimate of what may be charged to your monthly invoice. Additional costs related to your usage before the alert is triggered may still appear on your invoice after the alert is generated. Only your monthly invoice is considered legally valid.

Webhook API Call

When you configure a Webhook, an HTTP request is made to the configured URL. It transmits the following information as an HTTP POST request to the specified URL:

Header: "Content-Type": "application/json"
POST /my/configured/webhook
"invoice_start_date": <INVOICE_START_DATE>,
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