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How to report an incident

Reviewed on 21 July 2023Published on 05 August 2021
  1. From your Scaleway console click the Report Abuse page. A form displays.

  2. Enter the IP address or domain name source of your report.

  3. Enter the publication date of the illegal content or the start of the illegal behavior.

  4. Enter the time of the publication of the illegal content or the start of the illegal behavior.

  5. Enter your email address. Make sure it is a valid email address as this allows you to confirm your report later on.

  6. Check Show my Email Address to the customer to authorize Scaleway to forward your email address to our customer.

  7. Select the type of abuse you wish to report in the drop-down box.


    You can report different types of content or illegal behavior such as:

    Brute forceYou notice Scaleway services are being used for attempts to obtain your passwords and/or usernames via the mass testing of different password and username combinations.
    Open relayYou notice a Scaleway open SMTP server would allow spam campaigns to hide behind a source which does not belong to them.
    Security holeYou notice a security hole, which has not been corrected, in a Scaleway service which would allow non-authorized persons to connect to your system, in particular to trigger DDoS/BRUTE FORCE attacks or to gather sensitive information.
    VirusYou notice Scaleway services are being used to share a program which disrupts the functioning of a computer and can rapidly spread between computers connected to a digital network.
    SpamYou are receiving unwanted emails from a Scaleway-owned server.
    BotnetYou notice a network of bots, connected programs where at least one is hosted by Scaleway, that communicate between each other in order to trigger joint wrongdoing.
    PhishingYou notice a website or email simulating an official campaign is being hosted or sent using Scaleway services in order to gather banking information and/or usernames and passwords.
    Denial-of-service (DoS)You notice a joint attack from multiple Scaleway servers that neutralizes or attempts to neutralize your service, site, or applications.
    Illegal contentYou notice content or behavior that constitutes an infraction under the fifth, seventh, and eighth paragraphs of article 24 of the French Law on the Freedom of the Press dated 29 July 1881 and articles 222-33, 225-4-1, 225-5, 225-6, 227-23 and 227-24 and 421-2-5 of the French Penal Code, is being shared or is occurring via Scaleway services.

    We hereby remind you that reporting content or activity as illegal in order to obtain its removal or to stop its distribution, when you know this information to be inaccurate, is punishable by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros.

  8. Describe what you have observed in as much detail as possible. Provide information such as logs, time zones, headers, the precise location and if applicable, the email addresses to which the content is made accessible.


    This description will be directly forwarded to our customer. Do not therefore include any confidential or personal information which you do not want them to have access to. Scaleway denies all responsibility for the use which could be made by third parties of any information that you provided in this field.


    In accordance with the French Law on confidence in the digital economy (LCEN), the reporting of illegal content also requires the following information to be communicated:

    • if you are a natural person: your last name, first name, email address. If you are a legal entity: your corporate form, business name and your email address. If you are an administrative authority: authority name and email address.
    • the legal grounds on which the disputed content should be removed or made inaccessible.
    • a copy of the correspondence addressed to the author or publisher of the disputed information or activities requesting their interruption, withdrawal or modification, or the justification that the author or publisher could not be contacted; this condition does not apply to reporting offenses mentioned in the third paragraph of 7 I of article 6, I of the French Law on confidence in the digital economy (LCEN) as well as article 24-B and the third and fourth paragraphs of article 33 of the French Law on the Freedom of the Press dated 29 July 1881.
  9. Once you have entered the information mentioned above, check the CAPTCHA form and click Submit abuse report.

How is my report processed?

Once you have completed the report abuse form, an email confirming the opening of your report will be sent to the contact address provided in the form.

  1. Click the link you have been sent by email to validate the abuse report you have submitted.


    If you do not click the link sent to you by email, the abuse will not be validated.

    Scaleway’s Trust & Safety team will verify the exactness of the report, that all the necessary information has been provided for the report to be processed and whether the report indeed relates to explicitly illegal behavior or content with regard to French regulations and the evidence and information you have provided. If your report meets the above criteria, it will be validated by the Trust & Safety team and sent to Scaleway’s customer so that the necessary corrective measures can be taken.

  2. You will receive the customer’s answer via the email address provided in the form.


    Should Scaleway’s customer not respond, or should the transferred report not be processed correctly, appropriate measures will be taken by Scaleway. These measures may vary from a simple warning to termination of all services of said customer.

  3. If your report is rejected, you will be informed of the reasons why by email.

    • Note that massively reporting the same practices or content forces the Trust & Safety team to carry out unnecessary actions which have a negative impact on their work. As such, it is counterproductive to massively report the same practices or content.
    • We would like to remind you that it is important to remain courteous when communicating with the Trust & Safety team. The team will not process any reports containing offensive, vulgar or threatening language.
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