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My API key does not work with Object Storage

Reviewed on 15 December 2023Published on 15 December 2023
Security & Identity (IAM)

To perform certain actions described below, you must either be the Owner of the Organization in which the actions will be performed or an IAM user with the necessary permissions.


When using third party API or CLI tools such as the AWS CLI, MinIO Client or Rclone to manage your Object Storage resources, you may experience one of the following issues connecting to the Scaleway API or listing your resources:

  • Listing your buckets with a third party tool returns nothing, but you have at least one bucket created in the Scaleway Console.

  • The tool returns An error occurred (Forbidden) when calling the ListObjectsV2 operation: Forbidden or a similar message.


The API key you used to configure the S3 third party tool has a preferred Project assigned.

If you try to perform S3 operations in a Project that is NOT the preferred Project using a third party tool, you will not be able to access your resources, resulting in an error message or an empty response.


You can change the preferred project of your API key:

  • by editing it from the Scaleway console
  • by overriding it while making an API call

You should now be able to list your buckets using supported S3-compatible third-party tool.

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