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Recover the password in case of a lost email account
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How to recover the password in case of a lost email account

Reviewed on 24 July 2023Published on 12 March 2020

To ensure the security of your Scaleway Dedibox account, it is strongly advised that you regularly verify and update your contact details, especially your email address. This precautionary measure will help prevent any potential account lockouts in the event that you lose access to both your console password and email account.

In the unlikely event that you do encounter such a situation, the following procedure outlines the steps to recover access to your Scaleway Dedibox account.


If you find yourself unable to access your email account, submit a request to update your contact information. The request should include the following identification details:

  • Your current and new email addresses
  • Your postal address
  • Two distinct documents serving as proof of your identity (such as your passport or local ID card for individual accounts, and incorporation certificate for companies)
  • A reachable phone number for contact purposes
  • A copy of your most recent Scaleway Dedibox invoice. If you do not have a copy, you can provide the amount charged.
  • A card statement displaying the Scaleway bill debit

Submit the complete set of required documents via email document@scaleway.com.

Upon receiving your application, we will proceed with updating your email address, subject to validation.

Once your email address has been successfully updated, you can use this form to receive the recovery codes for your account.

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