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How to create a virtual MAC group

Reviewed on 15 January 2024Published on 26 May 2021

If you want to assign multiple flexible IPs to one virtual machine, you can create virtual MAC groups. A virtual MAC group contains at least two flexible IPs that share the same virtual MAC address.

Once the virtual MAC group is active, IPs that share the same MAC address are linked together. Moving one IP of the group will automatically move all IPs within the group from one Elastic Metal server to another.

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Scaleway account logged into the console
  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization
  • An SSH key
  • Created and installed an Elastic Metal server
  • Ordered more than one flexible IP

You need to have at least two flexible IPs in your account to create a virtual MAC group.

  1. Click Elastic Metal in the Bare Metal section of the Scaleway console side menu. The Elastic Metal dashboard displays.
  2. Click the Flexible IPs tab.
  3. Verify that at least one flexible IP is assigned to one of your servers.
  4. Drag and drop the second flexible IP from the Flexible IPs section to your Elastic Metal server.
  5. Click «See more Icon», then Generate Mac, and select Associate with an existing MAC address from this server.
  6. Choose the IP to copy the MAC address from in the list of available IPs and click Generate MAC Address to confirm:

Creation of the virtual MAC group begins. Once ready, the status indicator becomes green.

The IPs are now linked together in a virtual MAC group and share the same virtual MAC address. They can be assigned to the same virtual machine to provide a multi-IP environment.

When moving one of the IPs of the group to another server, all other IPs within the group are automatically moved to the same server.

To remove a flexible IP from a virtual MAC group, click «See more Icon», then Generate MAC and generate a new MAC address as described in the adding a virtual MAC Address documentation.

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