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Understanding the WizardLM-70B-V1.0 model

Reviewed on 06 March 2024

Model overview

Model Namewizardlm-70B-V1.0
Compatible InstancesH100 (FP8) - H100-2 (FP16)
Context size4,096 tokens

Model names


Compatible Instances

  • H100-1 (INT8)
  • H100-2 (FP16)

Model introduction

WizardLM-70B-V1.0, developed by WizardLM, is specifically designed for content creation platforms and writing assistants. With its extensive training in diverse textual data, WizardLM-70B-V1.0 generates high-quality content and assists writers in various creative and professional endeavors.

Why is it useful?

WizardLM-70B-V1.0 offers unparalleled versatility and creativity in content generation. Whether you are a writer seeking inspiration or a content platform looking to automate content creation, this model delivers exceptional performance. Its adaptability and natural language fluency make it valuable for enhancing productivity and creativity.

How to use it

Sending Inference requests

To perform inference tasks with your WizardLM model deployed at Scaleway, use the following command:

curl -s \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <IAM API key>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
--request POST \
--url "https://<Deployment UUID>" \
--data '{"model":"wizardlm-70B-V1.0", "messages":[{"role": "user","content": "Say hello to Scaleway's Inference"}], "max_tokens": 200, "top_p": 1, "temperature": 1, "stream": false}'

Make sure to replace <IAM API key> and <Deployment UUID> with your actual IAM API key and the Deployment UUID you are targeting.


The model name allows Scaleway to put your prompts in the expected format.


Ensure that the messages array is properly formatted with roles (system, user, assistant) and content.

Receiving Managed Inference responses

Upon sending the HTTP request to the public or private endpoints exposed by the server, you will receive inference responses from the Managed Inference server. Process the output data according to your application’s needs. The response will contain the output generated by the LLM model based on the input provided in the request.


Despite efforts for accuracy, the possibility of generated text containing inaccuracies or hallucinations exists. Always verify the content generated independently.

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