VPC routing is now in General Availability

Try out the new VPC routing feature, now in General Availability. Routing lets Private Networks in the same VPC communicate with each other, via automatically-created and managed routes.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) uses Private Networks to connect your Scaleway resources so they can communicate with each other securely, away from the public internet.

VPC Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to create Private Networks in a VPC, and attach Scaleway resources to them.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of VPC.

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Check our guides to creating and configuring VPCs and Private Networks.

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Additional Content

Guide to the migration from zoned Private Networks to regionalized VPCs.

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Manage VPC and Private Networks using the Scaleway API.



  • VPC


    Virtual Private Cloud is now in General Availability

    VPC allows you to quickly and seamlessly secure all your application architecture's resources from external networks. Additionally, your infrastructure will benefit from improved resiliency as VPC is now regionalized across the Availability Zones by default.

    • By default, each region will have at least one VPC. You can create more if needed
    • Each VPC can have multiple Private Networks, each with its own distinct CIDR blocks
    • VPC will now include a DHCP server for each Private Network
  • VPC


    Regional Private Networks is available in Public Beta

    Regional Private Networks allow you to connect resources across multiple AZs within the same region and are currently only available in the PAR region.

    Create a dedicated, private, and flexible Layer 2 networks to which you can attach Scaleway resources such as Instances, Load Balancers, Public Gateways, Elastic Metal, and Managed Databases.

  • VPC


    SMTP ports on VPC Public Gateway can be enabled

    Enable SMTP traffic on VPC Public Gateway to allow sending emails from resources located inside your VPC (ports 25, 465, 587, and 2525).

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