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Add a pin to your data and retrieve it
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How to add a pin to your data and retrieve it

Reviewed on 27 June 2023Published on 27 June 2023

Scaleway IPFS Pinning allows you to permanently store a copy of your data from the public IPFS network on a Scaleway-owned node, thus providing you with an added layer of performance in the region of your choice. That way, your data remains available and accessible, even when your local machine is offline.

Pinning a file essentially allows you to specify which particular content should always be stored and readily accessible on the IPFS network.

When you pin your content using our Scaleway pinning services, you make sure it remains available and accessible on the IPFS network at all times. With your content now available on both your local node and our resilient and reliable external nodes, you drastically minimize the risk of disruptions thanks to redundancy. You can also enhance your data storage efficiency by pinning your content to your Scaleway node, and then removing it from your local node.

You can also choose to effectively unpin your content from our nodes at all times.

Security & Identity (IAM):

You may need certain IAM permissions to carry out some actions described on this page. This means:

  • you are the Owner of the Scaleway Organization in which the actions will be carried out, or
  • you are an IAM user of the Organization, with a policy granting you the necessary permission sets

How to pin your data

  1. Click IPFS Pinning in the Labs section of the Scaleway console side menu. The IPFS Pinning section displays.
  2. Click the «See more Icon» icon next to your desired volume, and select Pin from the drop-down menu. The pin section displays.
  3. Click Add Pin to add a pin to your data. A pop-up displays, prompting you to enter the data’s information.
  4. Enter the CID of your data as well as a name for it.
  5. Click Submit. The CID and name of your data appears under the Pins section.

How to retrieve your data

Now that you have pinned your data, you can retrieve it using CloudFlare, Pinata or Protocol Labs. These are IPFS gateways, which are services that allow you to interact with the IPFS network using regular, HTTP/HTTPS web protocols. This means you do not need a particular IPFS software to retrieve your data - you can instead use your regular web browser.

  1. Click the «See more Icon» icon next to the CID of the data you want to retrieve. The three IPFS gateways display.
  2. Click the IPFS gateway you wish to retrieve your data from. Your data displays in a new tab.
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