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Organizations and Projects - Concepts

Default Project

Each Organization has at least one associated Project. Upon account creation, this Project is called default. The Project name can be changed later. The default Project takes on the Organization ID. Therefore, the default status cannot be transferred to other Projects.


An Organization is made of one or several Projects. When you create your Scaleway account, an Organization is automatically created, of which you are the Owner.

Organization ID

The Organization ID identifies the Organization created with your account. It can be found on your Organization dashboard, in the Settings tab.


A Project is a grouping of Scaleway resources. Each Scaleway Organization comes with a default Project, and you can create new Projects if necessary. Projects are cross-region, meaning resources located in different regions can be grouped in one single Project. When grouping resources into different Projects, you can use IAM to define custom access rights for each Project.

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard can be viewed within the console. On this dashboard, you can see an overview of the Project’s resources, along with the Project’s settings and credentials (SSH keys).


A Scaleway resource is either a product or a feature in the Scaleway Ecosystem. Examples of resources include Instances, Private Networks, Kubernetes Kapsule and Flexible IPs, to name a few.

SSH key

An SSH key (Secure Shell key) allows passwordless connection to an Instance. An SSH key is generated by creating an RSA key pair, consisting of two elements:

  • a sensitive identification key, (aka private key) which must be stored securely
  • a public key, which is uploaded to the Scaleway interface.

The public key is kept in your Scaleway account and transferred to the Instance during the boot process, while the identification key is kept securely on your local computer. When connecting to the Instance via SSH, a trusted connection to the machine is established using the key pair.

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