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How to enable SMTP for Elastic Metal servers

Reviewed on 22 January 2024Published on 04 May 2022

By default, the SMTP ports (25, 465, 587) of your Elastic Metal server are closed, and cannot be reached from our infrastructure. If you want to send emails from your server, you can enable SMTP for each Availability Zone from the console.

Security & Identity (IAM)

To perform certain actions described below, you must either be the Owner of the Organization in which the actions will be performed, or an IAM user with the necessary permissions.

  • You have an account and are logged into the Scaleway console
  • You have created and installed an Elastic Metal server
  • You have verified your identity

This guide explains how to enable SMTP on Elastic Metal servers. If you want to enable SMTP on other resources, follow our documentation on how to send emails from your Instance and how to enable SMTP on Public Gateways.

  1. Click Elastic Metal in the Bare Metal section on the side menu of the Scaleway console.

  2. Click the General Settings tab. The SMTP configuration displays.


    You have to verify your identity before you can enable the SMTP ports.

  3. Toggle the switch to ON beside each Availability Zone for which you want to enable SMTP.


    If SMTP is not available for a specific Availability Zone, the zone will display as greyed-out.

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