Billing management features provide a comprehensive overview of our billing features that help you monitor and understand your Scaleway cloud expenditure, pay your invoice, and effectively manage your budget.

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Learn how to add and manage your billing information in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Scaleway billing.

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How am I billed for Scaleway services?Read more
When are invoices issued?Read more
Which payment methods does Scaleway accept?Read more
How can I pay my invoice?Read more
Billing API

Learn how to manage your Scaleway billing through the API.

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  • Billing


    Discover our Cost Manager tool

    We are introducing our Cost Manager tool, which helps you to:

    • Simplify tracking of cloud resource costs.
    • Access 5 years of data for better analysis.
    • Effortlessly monitor costs with customizable filters.
    • Use the billing API for seamless data retrieval.

    Discover the Cost Manager tool in the billing section of your Scaleway console.

    Refer to the How to use the cost manager documentation page for more information.

  • Billing


    New billing space

    New Billing Space available!

    Our brand-new Billing Space is now live and ready for you to explore. Accessible right from the console's right-hand menu, this space is designed to streamline your billing experience. Here is what is in for you:

    • Overview Page: Your go-to destination for essential information on managing your usage and invoices.
    • Consumption Management: Track your budget alerts and soon, the Cost Manager tool for cost tracking.
    • Optimization Page: Access vouchers and upcoming cost optimization offers.
    • Billing and Payments Information: A dedicated section for all your billing and payment details.

    Explore these new features today and manage your billing more efficiently than ever before!


    Refer to the Billing documentation for more information.

  • Billing


    The Billing API V2 Beta is now available!

    We are pleased to introduce the new beta version of the Billing API v2.

    Scaleway's Billing API gives you an overview of your cloud consumption and allows you to monitor expenses.

    What's New?

    • Monthly Consumption History - access the complete history of your monthly consumption. Until now, only data from the current month was available.

    • Granularity of Costs by Project, Product Category, and Month - we have introduced increased granularity, allowing you to view costs based on the project, product category, and month.

    Refer to the Billing API documentation for more information.

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