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Public Gateway Limitations

Reviewed on 05 June 2024Published on 26 May 2021

The Public Gateway currently supports only IPv4.

IPv6 support will be coming soon.

Modifying a DHCP subnet requires a renew on the client side.

Leases are not automatically renewed on the client side when changing the DHCP subnet on the Public Gateway. You have to request a renew on the client side to obtain a new lease in the new subnet.

CentOS autoconfiguration does not work with multiple Private Networks.

When a CentOS Instance is attached to multiple Private Networks, which are themselves attached to a Public Gateway, routing metric priorities will not be enforced across reboot. You will have to disable routes autoconfiguration and configure them by yourself as explained in the this document section.

In some cases, local DNS fails on autoconfigured Instances.

This is due to a conflict between the Public Gateway and the API metadata DNS servers. This behavior depends on both your distribution and timing at boot time. There is currently no easy workaround for this issue.

Only Public Gateways created after 17 October 2023 are natively integrated with Scaleway’s IPAM

Find out more about this in our IPAM documentation.

Static NAT is not compatible with Managed Databases for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Managed Databases for PostgreSQL and MySQL are currently not compatible with the Static NAT feature of Scaleway Public Gateways.

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