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Dedibox Dedicated Servers

Dedibox dedicated servers are high-quality servers that benefit from extreme reliability and best-in-class redundancy for any workload requirement.

Dedicated Servers Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to create, connect to, and manage a Dedibox dedicated server in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of dedicated servers.

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Check our guides helping you to configure the hardware of your Dedibox dedicated server.

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Additional content

Guides to help you getting started with your dedicated server.

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Ordering an additional disk and using it in ESXi as datastoreRead more
Configuring DHCPCD on a Scaleway Dedicated ServersRead more
Building a redundant load balancer and firewall infrastructure with pfSense and HAproxyRead more
First steps with the Linux command lineRead more
Dedibox Dedicated Servers API

Learn how to create and manage your Dedibox dedicated servers through the API.

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  • Dedibox

    Proxmox 8 is now available on Dedibox

    You can now find the newly released Proxmox 8 when installing your Dedibox server.

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Visit our Help Center and find the answers to your most frequent questions.

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