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Transactional Email

Transactional Email is a platform that allows you to send application-generated emails such as receipts, alerts, password resets, and more.

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Getting Started


Learn how to configure a domain and add the necessary records to it in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Transactional Email.

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Learn how to use Transactional Email and manage your email activity via the Scaleway console.

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Check out in-depth information about Transactional Email.

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Sending emails with Transactional Email and Serverless using the Serverless FrameworkRead more
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Transactional Email API

Manage Transactional Email using the Scaleway API.

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  • Transactional Email


    Weekly activity report and bounce rate alerting

    Starting December 11th 2023, we will be introducing a weekly report for your Transactional Email activity! We are looking forward to hearing your feedback to refine the feature, according to your needs.

    You will also be alerted when the bounce rate of your emails exceeds a certain threshold, allowing you to proactively manage your domain's reputation.

  • Transactional Email


    No more Transactional Email hourly quota

    Effective December 1st 2023, we have removed the hourly quota for our service, transitioning to a model based on individual customer behavior and traffic. This change is designed to enhance user flexibility while upholding service quality. Find out more about Transactional Email's capabilities and limits on our dedicated documentation.

  • Transactional Email


    Domain reputation score

    We have recently introduced domain reputation score. Every domain within your Organization has a score, reflecting its overall health. The higher the score, the better the delivery performance for your domain. Refer to our documentation for guidelines on maintaining a favorable reputation score.

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