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Functions limitations

Published on 12 October 2021

This section contains usage limits that apply when using Serverless Functions.

NamespacesMax Number100*Project
FunctionsMax Number1000*Organization
Total function memory**Max Size600 GiBOrganization
Zip SizeMax Size100 MiBFunction
Code SizeMax Size500 MiBFunction
Temporary disk sizeMax Size512 MiBFunction Instance
Invocation rateMax Number1000 per secondFunction
ConcurrencyMax1Function Instance
Scale (Number of simultaneous Function Instance)Max50Functions
Environment VariablesMax Number100Function + Namespace
Environment VariablesMax Size1000 charsEnvironment Variable
Secret Environment VariablesMax Number100Function + Namespace
Secret Environment VariablesMax Size65536 bytesSecret Environment Variable
Time before scale to zeroTime15 minutesInstance
Time before scale downTime30 secondsInstance
TimeoutMax15 minutesRequest
PayloadMax Size6 MiBRequest

* Lower limits may apply before account verification. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

** Total function memory is the sum of the memory allocated to all your functions at their maximum Scale.

These limits are enforced as Account quotas.

Configuration Restrictions

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the product, we restrict the use of certain ports and environment variables.

  • Blocked ports:
    • 25: Due to potential abuse (spam), no outbound traffic is allowed through this port.
    • 465: Due to potential abuse (spam), no outbound traffic is allowed through this port.
  • Reserved environment variables:
    • SCW_*: Reserved for product configuration (for example: token validation)