Public Gateways are evolving - make sure you stay informed
  • DHCP has moved from Public Gateways to Private Networks. Read more in our migration guide
  • Legacy Public Gateways are not compatible with Scaleway IPAM. Find out more in the IPAM documentation

Public Gateway

Public Gateways sit at the border of Private Networks, and provide your resources with a secure point of access to and from the public internet.

Public Gateway Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to create a Public Gateway and attach it to a Private Network.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Public Gateways.

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Check our guides to creating and configuring Public Gateways.

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Deploying Instances in a Private Network and exposing them using a Public GatewayRead more
Installing CockroachDB on Scaleway InstancesRead more
Dealing with load overflow between a proxmox cluster and virtual machines on an Elastic Metal Server over Scaleway Private NetworksRead more
Public Gateways API

Manage Public Gateways using the Scaleway API.

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  • Public Gateways


    Public Gateway is changing

    With the release of VPC in GA, Public Gateway no longer supports the DHCP server. Public Gateway now focuses on its primary functions such as:

    • Internet access: allowing external traffic to access the internal resources of a Private Network
    • NAT-Gateway: distributing requests to the right IP addresses
    • SSH Bastion: allowing and monitoring SSH connections
    • Local DNS server: customizing resource names on the Private Network

    See our dedicated documentation for full details.

  • Public Gateways


    SSH Bastion is now available on Public Gateway

    The SSH Bastion feature helps you control and secure all your SSH keys for developer and sysadmin access. Moreover, it will help to reduce the attack surface of any malicious actors.

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