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How to open a support ticket

Reviewed on 27 June 2023Published on 22 June 2021

Scaleway provides 24/7 basic technical support by ticket for free. You can contact our Support team directly from the console. You can upgrade your support level to benefit from phone support and a dedicated account manager.

Security & Identity (IAM):

You may need certain IAM permissions to carry out some actions described on this page. This means:

  • you are the Owner of the Scaleway Organization in which the actions will be carried out, or
  • you are an IAM user of the Organization, with a policy granting you the necessary permission sets

If you have any inquiries and wish to speak to our Support team, you may open a Support ticket by clicking on Support in the lower left menu.

Alternatively, you can click «Assistance Icon» in the top menu. The support center displays.

Click + Open a new ticket to do so.


If you have lost access to the Scaleway console and want to create a ticket, you must first follow this procedure to regain access to your account.

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