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Private DNS and/or DHCP are not working

Reviewed on 15 January 2024Published on 13 July 2023

There are some cases when a Private Network’s private DNS or DHCP may not work ‘out of the box’ for attached resources. Read on to find out how to fix these problems.


Make sure that DHCP is activated on your Private Network, and that you have tried detaching/reattaching any “old” resources

Private DNS is not working

Private DNS should work out of the box for attached resources with Debian-based distributions, and for distributions using systemd-resolved, such as Ubuntu.

It does not work out of the box for Linux distributions using Network Manager, such as RockyLinux. If your resource is running RockyLinux, or another distribution using Network Manager, you should manually configure the system to use the nameserver You will then be able to resolve the name of your resources, as well as public domain names.

DHCP is not working

DHCP should work out of the box for attached resources running any and all Linux distributions. However, when it comes to ArchLinux, we are aware of a problem when it comes to setting a Classless Static Route to our service IP address

In this case, if you are using systemd-networkd and do not have a route to our service IP address, you should try updating and upgrading the packages on your system.

There is also a known bug affecting Debian Bullseye, that prevents DHCP clients from correctly applying the default route. For this specific bug, we recommend using another distribution, such as Debian Bookworm.

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