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How to change the language of Windows Server 2019

Reviewed on 12 February 2024Published on 11 June 2021

This page shows you how to change the language of a Windows Server 2019 installed on Dedibox.

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Dedibox account logged into the console
  • A Dedibox server with Windows Server 2019 installed on it
  1. Log onto your Windows Server’s graphical interface (via Remote Desktop or similar).

  2. Click the Start menu, then the settings icon to open the Settings Interface.

  3. Click Time & Language (Heure et langue, in French).

  4. Click Language in the side panel on the left (Langue).

  5. Click Add a language on the Language screen (Ajouter une langue). The Choose a language to install (Choisir une langue à installer) screen displays.

  6. Select a language from the list, and click Next (Suivant). The Install language features (Installer des fonctionnalités linguistiques) screen displays.

  7. Check the box next to the features you want to install, and click Install (Installer). The system connects to the internet to download and install the language pack.

    When the process is finished, you are alerted. You will see the language under Windows display language. It may not take effect as the display language until after you reboot your server.

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