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How to configure the DELL PERC H310 / H710 / H730 RAID controller from the KVM

Reviewed on 12 February 2024Published on 16 July 2021

The personalized RAID configuration allows you to create a RAID mode that cannot be created via the management console of (RAID10, for example).

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Dedibox account logged into the console
  • A Dedibox dedicated server with a DELL PERC H310, H710, or H730 RAID controller
  1. Click Server > Server list to display the list of your servers. Click the identifier of the server you want to configure. The server information page displays.
  2. Click IDRAC in the menu on the right and validate the terms. Then enter your connection’s IP address and click CREATE. Your iDRAC session credentials display. Login to iDRAC using the credentials shown.
  3. The iDRAC dashboard displays. Click Launch in the Virtual Console Preview section to launch the Java-based KVM-over-IP applet. Once the server’s screen output is visible in the KVM applet, reboot the machine.

    Set your Java security settings to low to avoid connection problems.

  4. Press CTRL + C during the boot process to enter the RAID configuration utility:
  5. The RAID configuration tool’s main interface displays. Select the virtual disk to delete:
  6. Press F2, then select Delete VD and press enter to delete the virtual disk:
  7. Create a new virtual disk by selecting No configuration present. The following screen displays, allowing you to configure a new virtual disk:
  8. Return to the main menu and select the virtual disk. Then press F2, and select Fast Init. and press enter to initialize the virtual disk:
  9. Press OK once the initialization is completed on the virtual drive. Then press Strg + ALT + CTRL to reboot the machine:
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