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How to upgrade your Database Instance engine version

Reviewed on 18 December 2023Published on 27 February 2023

If your database engine is outdated, you can upgrade the version to the latest one anytime via the Scaleway console.


You must upgrade your engine version if your Database Instance uses an End of Life engine version that is no longer maintained.


The version upgrade is only available for:

  • Database Instances using engine versions preceding the most recent version available.
  • Database Instances using Block volumes. If your Database Instance uses a local volume, you must first change the volume type to a Block volume and try again.

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Scaleway account logged into the console
  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization
  • A PostgreSQL Database Instance running on an outdated engine version
  1. Click PostgreSQL and MySQL under Managed Databases on the side menu. A list of your Database Instances displays.

  2. Click the name of the database whose engine you want to upgrade. The Database Instance information page appears.

  3. Click Upgrade under Database engine. A pop-up appears.

  4. Select the upgrade method. Two methods are available:

    • Upgrade only: This method has no impact on your original Database Instance. Your Database Instance will remain available with its original endpoint and will continue to be billed.
    • Upgrade and switch incoming traffic: With this method, your endpoint is migrated to the new Database Instance automatically. This option will create a clone of your Database Instance, and will automatically migrate the endpoint to the new Instance. The original Database Instance remains available and will continue to be billed. The endpoint will be deleted from the original Database Instance.

    When you upgrade to a new version, there is no synchronization between the source and target Database Instances. To avoid data loss, we recommend you stop any write operations running on your applications during the upgrade. If you let them run during the process, the data will be stored only in the source Database Instance.


    When you upgrade to a new version, Database Instance advanced settings are synced as far as they are still available on the new database engine version.


    Follow the migrating endpoints via the CLI procedure to quickly migrate your endpoints. You can use this procedure to revert the migration anytime.

    Keep in mind that reverting the endpoint will not affect the data stored on the databases. This means that if some entries were added to the upgraded database, they will not be added back to the old version when you change the endpoints.

  5. Click Upgrade version. A new Database Instance is created.


    On PostgreSQL, engine extensions are handled and upgraded automatically during the upgrade process.

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