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How to delete a Kubernetes Kapsule cluster

Reviewed on 19 February 2024Published on 31 May 2021

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Scaleway account logged into the console
  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization
  • Created a Kubernetes Kapsule cluster

To refine the instructions for clarity and completeness:

  1. Access the Containers section from the sidebar menu within the Scaleway console, then select Kubernetes. The Kubernetes Kapsule dashboard displays.
  2. Locate the cluster you intend to delete, and click the «See more Icon» icon next to it. From the drop-down menu, select Delete. This will prompt a pop-up for cluster deletion.
  3. In the deletion pop-up, input DELETE to confirm the deletion of your cluster. Ensure to check the box to automatically remove all volumes (including those labeled with volume type “retain”) and Load Balancers whose names commence with the cluster ID. Once confirmed, proceed by clicking Delete cluster.

    Note: Deleting your cluster will irreversibly remove the cluster along with all associated pools and instances.

Upon completion, your cluster and its associated resources will be permanently removed. You can recreate a new cluster at any time.

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