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Changing the control plane type with CLI (v2)

Reviewed on 12 March 2024Published on 07 September 2023

Different Kubernetes cluster types are available.

You can use the CLI to specify your cluster type of choice when creating a new cluster, as well as changing the cluster type once the cluster has already been created.

In this tutorial, we show you how to change your cluster type using the Scaleway CLI (v2).

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Scaleway account logged into the console
  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization
  • A valid API key
  • Downloaded and installed the most recent version of the Scaleway CLI
  • Created a cluster
  1. Run the following command to list the viable cluster types.

    scw k8s cluster-type list

    The output provides the details of each type, such as available stock, features, and commitment:

    $ scw k8s cluster-type list
    kapsule available 150 0 seconds 0
    kapsule-dedicated-4 available 250 30 days 99.5
    kapsule-dedicated-8 available 500 30 days 99.5
    kapsule-dedicated-16 available 500 30 days 99.5
    multicloud available 150 0 seconds 0
    multicloud-dedicated-4 available 250 30 days 99.5
    multicloud-dedicated-8 available 500 30 days 99.5
    multicloud-dedicated-16 available 500 30 days 99.5
  2. Run the following command to know which clusters are available and compatible with your current type. Availability is defined by current type, commitment, and overall stock.

    Replace <cluster-id> with the ID of your current cluster.

    scw k8s cluster list-available-types <cluster-id>

    An output like the following displays:

    ClusterTypes.0.Name kapsule
    ClusterTypes.0.Availability available
    ClusterTypes.0.MaxNodes 150
    ClusterTypes.0.CommitmentDelay 0 seconds
    ClusterTypes.0.SLA 0
    ClusterTypes.0.Resiliency standard
    ClusterTypes.0.Memory 4.0 GB
    ClusterTypes.0.Dedicated false
    ClusterTypes.1.Name kapsule-dedicated-4
    ClusterTypes.1.Availability available
    ClusterTypes.1.MaxNodes 250
    ClusterTypes.1.CommitmentDelay 30 days
    ClusterTypes.1.SLA 99.5
    ClusterTypes.1.Resiliency high_availability
    ClusterTypes.1.Memory 4.0 GB
    ClusterTypes.1.Dedicated true
    ClusterTypes.2.Name kapsule-dedicated-8
    ClusterTypes.2.Availability available
    ClusterTypes.2.MaxNodes 500
    ClusterTypes.2.CommitmentDelay 30 days
    ClusterTypes.2.SLA 99.5
    ClusterTypes.2.Resiliency high_availability
    ClusterTypes.2.Memory 8.0 GB
    ClusterTypes.2.Dedicated true
    ClusterTypes.3.Name kapsule-dedicated-16
    ClusterTypes.3.Availability available
    ClusterTypes.3.MaxNodes 500
    ClusterTypes.3.CommitmentDelay 30 days
    ClusterTypes.3.SLA 99.5
    ClusterTypes.3.Resiliency high_availability
    ClusterTypes.3.Memory 16 GB
    ClusterTypes.3.Dedicated true
    TotalCount 4
  3. Retrieve the details of your cluster to determine the commitment period.

    scw k8s cluster get <cluster-id>

    Dedicated control plane environments come with a commitment to keep the environment for at least 30 calendar days. Keep in mind that:

    • Upgrading to a higher tier cluster type restarts the 30 days of commitment
    • Downgrading a cluster’s control plane is not possible during an active commitment period
    • No commitment extensions are applied for downgrades after the commitment period. Once the commitment period is completed, migrating to a lower tier is possible from the console.

    An output like the following displays:

    ID 3b5f45cf-a915-4657-aabb-1e5b5c20f8a1
    Type kapsule
    Name name-of-your-cluster
    Status pool_required
    Version 1.28.0
    Region fr-par
    OrganizationID e6af22c7-45d6-4ba7-a286-551c6d8409c5
    ProjectID e6af22c7-45d6-4ba7-a286-551c6d8409c5
    Cni cilium
    Description -
    DNSWildcard *
    CreatedAt 1 hour ago
    UpdatedAt 1 hour ago
    DashboardEnabled false
    Ingress none
    UpgradeAvailable false
    CommitmentEndsAt 1 hour ago
  4. Change the cluster type.


    Upgrading or downgrading causes no downtime to your workload. Your control plane might be unreachable for a maximum of two minutes during a change of offers.

    scw k8s cluster set-type <cluster-id> type=<cluster-type> region=<region-of-cluster>

    Replace <cluster-id>, <cluster-type> and <region-of-cluster> with their respective values.


    The region of your cluster cannot be changed. If your cluster is located in a region other than fr-par, you must specify which one in the command. Otherwise, an error will be returned.

    If the operation is successful, your cluster starts updating to the new cluster type.

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