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How to add a device to IoT Hub

Published on 01 September 2019

A device is a representation of a device or program that is connected to the cloud. Through a Hub, it exchanges messages with other devices and cloud services.

Devices use the MQTT protocol to send and receive messages. MQTT over WebSocket is also supported through a dedicated network.

  1. Click IoT Hub in the Managed Services section of the side menu. The list of your IoT Hubs displays.

  2. Click the name of the IoT Hub on which you want to add a device. The hub’s overview page displays.

  3. Click Add devices in the devices tab of your Hub.

  4. Enter a name for your device. It must be unique among the devices in this hub, and cannot be changed once created. Optionally, set a device description (only for display purposes).

  5. Choose a security setting for your device. You can either deny or allow insecure connections.

  6. Click Add a device to your Hub.

  7. Download the credentials of the device and keep them safe.


    Make sure to download or copy the Device certificate and the Device private key. These files are required to establish a connection from the device to your Hub. For security reasons the private key is not stored on our side, and you will not be able to access it later.

  8. Click Close to leave the wizard or Add a new device to add another device.

    Once the device is added, you may continue to configure IoT Hub Routes to export your data to other Scaleway services.

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