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How to configure Outlook to receive and send email

Reviewed on 02 May 2023Published on 26 May 2021

This documentation describes the usage of a previous web hosting offer, proposed by Online.net.
Refer to the Scaleway Web Hosting documentation for information about the current web hosting product.

You can read and send your emails using the Microsoft Outlook client.


We recommend to use the IMAP protocol if you access your mailbox from different devices (PC, Mobile phone, Tablet, …).

You can configure Microsoft Outlook to check your emails.

  1. Set the following parameters in the configuration wizard, to access your Webhosting Classic mailbox:

    • IMAP server (incoming mail):
      • Hostname: imap.online.net

      • TCP port: 993

      • Connection type: SSL

    • SMTP server (outgoing mail)
      • Hostname: smtpauth.online.net
      • TCP port: 587 or 465
      • Connection type TLS
  2. Click More settings, then select Advanced to configure the ports:

  3. Click Outsgoing Server and tick the box My outgoing server requires authentication. Then click OK to validate.

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