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I am experiencing SSL or DNS errors and conflicts with my Private Network

Reviewed on 31 January 2024Published on 31 January 2024

TLD naming problem with Private Networks

If you have given your Private Network a name that is also a Top Level Domain, you may experience SSL or addressing errors and conflicts when you try to access resources on the public internet with the same TLD as your Private Network, or when trying to reach resources on your Private Network from the public internet. Examples are:

  • Errors when trying to reach from a Private Network named dev
  • Errors when trying to reach from a Private Network named network


Scaleway is working on a solution to allow users to name their Private Networks with a TLD name without experiencing any conflicts. In the meantime, until this solution is deployed, you should not give your Private Network a name that is also a TLD.

  • For a complete reference of TLDs to avoid, see the full list provided by IANA
  • Giving a name that uses a TLD in combination with something else (e.g. dev-123 or cloud-sarah) is OK, as long as the entire Private Network name is not the same as a TLD (e.g. dev, cloud)

You can change your Private Network name at any time in the Scaleway console:

  1. In the side menu, click VPC.

  2. Click the VPC containing the Private Network to rename.

  3. Click the Private Network to rename.

  4. Click the Private Network’s name at the top of the screen, change it to a new name, and click «Validate Icon» to confirm.

    • After changing the name of Private Network, it can take up to five minutes for the new name to be propagated.
    • You should also renew DHCP leases in order to update the list of search domains for the Private Network: do this by running netplan apply on Ubuntu servers.
    • Note that resources in a Private Network are in any case always reachable by their IP address.
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