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Dedibox account - Concepts


Abuse of Scaleway services includes cyber-crime, copyright violation, illegal or offensive content, spamming and malware distribution. Abuse should be reported in the console.

Abuse reports on the same offending resource for the same reason within a given timeframe are grouped by case. An abuse report either creates a case if no case is currently open or joins an existing case. Scaleway clients are responsible for taking the appropriate security measures to solve the case and related abuses.

Authorized SSH key

An SSH key (Secure Shell key) allows passwordless authentication on SSH sessions. An SSH key is generated by creating an RSA key pair consisting of two elements:

  • a sensitive identification key, (i.e. private key) which must be stored securely,
  • a public key which is uploaded to the Scaleway Dedibox interface.

The public key is kept in your Scaleway account and transferred to the Dedibox server during the installation, while the identification key is kept securely on your local computer. When connecting to the Instance via SSH, a trusted connection to the machine is established using the key pair.


The billing section contains all information related to the payment of your invoices. You can update your billing method from this page and download your invoices. It also allows you to define an additional billing contact, who receives a copy of your monthly invoice by email.

Dedibox console

The Dedibox console allows you to view and manage your Scaleway Dedibox products, billing information, support tickets and more. You can access the console at the address


On this page you can see a list of connections made to your account. Each connection attempt is tracked with its associated status. It can either be Login for successful connections or Connection refused for failed logins.

  • Messages: The messages section of the Scaleway Dedibox console contains important messages regarding your account or your services. You will find information regarding planned maintenance or other important information in this section of the console.

  • Notifications: The notification section lets you define for which services you want to receive notifications by email. By default, you receive notifications for all your services requiring renewal (domain names and Webhosting services). You can opt out if you do not want to receive renewal notifications for certain services.

  • Outsourcing: Outsourcing allows you to provide access to your services to third parties. You can define another Scaleway Dedibox user who will have access to specific resources of your account, without needing to provide access to your full account. Scaleway Dedibox maintains a portfolio of certified outsourcing partners for webmastering and administration of your dedicated servers.

  • Personal information: The personal information section of the Scaleway Dedibox console allows you to view and update certain personal information related to your account. You can also update your password or email address from this section of the Dedibox console.

  • Security: The security section of the Scaleway Dedibox console allows you to configure optional multifactor authentication to increase the security of your account. You can configure MFA using authentications applications such as Authy or Google Authenticator. French residents cans optionally also configure MFA by SMS.

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