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Installing and setting up MinIO Client

Reviewed on 30 August 2021Published on 25 August 2021

MinIO Client (mc) is a command-line tool that allows you to manage your s3 projects, providing a modern alternative to UNIX commands.

  1. Follow the instructions given in the official MinIO documentation here to install the MinIO client (mc) for your OS.

    For example, on Linux:

    wget https://dl.min.io/client/mc/release/linux-amd64/mc
    chmod +x mc

    Make sure that you download the binary somewhere that is in your $PATH.

  2. Run mc --help to check it has installed.

  3. Follow the instructions in the MinIO quickstart guide to add a cloud storage service:


    For example, if your Scaleway Object Storage endpoint is in the fr-par region, you can use the following command (replace the two fields in pointy brackets with your access key and secret key):

    mc alias set s3 https://s3.fr-par.scw.cloud <YOUR-ACCESS-KEY> <YOUR-SECRET-KEY> --api S3v4
  4. You should now be able to run some basic commands, eg:

    • List all your buckets at the endpoint you configured in the previous step, via:

      mc ls s3
    • List all objects in a given bucket, via:

      mc ls s3/<your-bucket-name>
    • Remove an object from a bucket, via:

      mc rm s3/<your-bucket-name>/1.pdf

    …and all commands detailed via mc --help .

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