Secret Manager

Secret Manager allows you to conveniently store, access, and share sensitive data such as passwords, API keys, and certificates.

Secret Manager Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to create secrets and versions, in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Secret Manager.

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Learn how to use Secret Manager via the Scaleway console.

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Additional Content

Check out in-depth information about Secret Manager.

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Secret Manager API

Manage Secret Manager using the Scaleway API.

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  • Secret Manager


    A new version of the Secret Manager API is available

    Scaleway's Secret Manager has a new API version available: v1beta1! This new version comes with major improvements:

    • Improved resilience and scalability
    • No more folder endpoints, but still the possibility to use paths to organize secrets
    • Changing the path of a secret has become simpler

    The Scaleway console now uses this version for the Secret Manager product pages. For more information, you can refer to the API documentation.

    Note that the v1alpha1 API is still supported but it will eventually be deprecated.

  • Secret Manager


    Secrets can be set as ephemeral

    Ephemeral secrets are now available on the Secret Manager API.

    Upon creation, secrets can now be configured with a time-to-live or to expire after a single access through an ephemeral policy. If applied on a secret, all its versions will inherit from the policy.

    Refer to the Secret Manager API documentation for more information.

  • Secret Manager


    Secret Manager console pages have been updated

    In the Secret Manager section of the Scaleway console, you can now select a region to display secrets and folders inside this region. Whenever you create a secret, you no longer need to specify the region, as it will be created in the region you are currently working on.

    Find out more about Secret Manager in our dedicated documentation.

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