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Accept an invitation to an Organization

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How to accept an invitation to an Organization

Published on 20 June 2022

When you create a Scaleway account, an Organization is automatically created, of which you are the Owner. If you are invited to a someone else’s Organization, you will simultaneously be the Owner of your own Organization and a guest in the other Organization, where you will have the rights and permissions granted to you via policies.


When someone invites you to join their Organization, you receive an email to inform you.

  1. Click Accept Invitation from your email invitation. The Scaleway console opens in a browser window. A pop-up displays introducing you to the Organization.

  2. Click Next to proceed. You may be prompted to try creating a resource or viewing the default Project. You can choose to try these actions out, or simply close the window.

    You are now an IAM user of the Organization which you were invited to join.

    Always ensure that you are in the desired Organization at any time by checking the Organization name that displays in the top right corner of your console. In the image below, we are currently in the Marie Curie Organization (highlighted in red). Use the drop-down menu to navigate to a different Organization, for example below we could switch to the Pierre Curie Organization.


    If you receive an invitation to join an Organization and you don’t already have a Scaleway account, you will be prompted to create one.

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