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To manage your keys, we use Kubo, the official IPFS implementation in Golang.

Export key using a Kubo client

To export your Kubo client key and convert it to base64 for import into our naming service, you can use the following sequence of commands:

  1. Run the following CLI command to list the keys you own:

    ipfs key list
  2. Run the following CLI command to export the key to a privkey.pem file:

    ipfs key export myKey -o privkey.pem

    The key must be exported in libp2p-protobuf-cleartext format, which is the default.

  3. Convert the file contents to base64 to import them into the naming service via the Scaleway CLI.

    cat privkey.pem | base64

Import key to Kubo client

After exporting your key from our service, it will be provided to you in base64 format. Follow these steps to import the key into your Kubo client.

  1. Run the following CLI command to decode your base64 key into a binary file:

    base64 -d myKeyFileBase64 > privkey.pem
  2. Run the following CLI command to import your decoded key into your Kubo client:

    ipfs key import myKey privkey.pem
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