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Object Storage

Object Storage allows you to store and access data from the Scaleway console and S3-compatible clients.

Object Storage Quickstart

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Learn the basics of Object Storage in a few simple steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Object Storage.

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Learn how to use Object Storage using the Scaleway console.

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Go further with detailed, in-depth information on Object Storage.

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Object Storage API

Manage Object Storage using the S3 API.

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  • Object Storage


    Object Storage introduces bucket use case to customize your experience

    Upon creation of a bucket on the Scaleway console, you can fill in its use case. Optionally, you can edit this information in the Bucket settings later on. We recommend filling in the bucket use case to unlock personalized recommendations tailored to your needs. We are continuously enhancing our services to further enrich your experience.

  • Object Storage


    Object Storage now offers SLA!

    As part of our commitment to deliver high availability, we officially guarantee a 99.9% monthly availability rate for our Multi-AZ Standard class, and a 99% monthly availability rate for our One Zone - IA and Glacier classes.

    Object Storage SLA is on par with the standards set by industry leaders, and supported by a seasoned monitoring practice, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers to run their business. Refer to the Object Storage Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) to know more.

  • Object Storage


    Access logs now available in all regions

    Access logs are now available in Cockpit for buckets in Amsterdam and Warsaw, making Object Storage logs available in all Scaleway regions!

    Access logs are invaluable tools that record detailed information about every interaction with your objects. These logs include essential data such as who accessed your objects, when they accessed them, and from which IP address. With access logs enabled, you can gain deeper insights into how your data is being used, and enhance your security and compliance efforts.

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