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How to the reverse DNS of a failover IP

Reviewed on 29 July 2021Published on 29 July 2021

Failover IP addresses allow to have several IPs on the server and thus, for example, to have one IP for each website or for each virtual machine. Your IP failover can be routed at any time to your servers in just a few minutes by using our Account Management Console or through our API. By switching your failover IP addresses from one server to another, the hosted services remain available without reconfiguring the IP address.

For each server, you can add failover IP address(es) according to the offer and your service level.

  1. From your Scaleway console click Server > Network configuration. The list of your failover IPs and IP blocks displays.

  2. Click Edit reverses. The list of your reverse DNS settings displays.

  3. Enter the new reverse DNS record and click Update


    Make sure to have a valid A record for forwarding DNS configured and pointing to your IP address before changing the reverse DNS of it.

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