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How to monitor logs and metrics for Serverless Jobs

Reviewed on 17 June 2024Published on 20 November 2023

You can monitor the activity of your Serverless Jobs using the Scaleway console to check the current status of your runs. Also, Scaleway Serverless Jobs is fully integrated into Cockpit, and allows you to quickly access your logs. This page explains how to get started with Scaleway Cockpit for viewing your Serverless Jobs logs.

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Scaleway account logged into the console
  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization
  • Created a Serverless Job

How to monitor your Serverless Jobs from the Scaleway console

Monitor the activity of all your jobs

  1. Click Jobs in the Serverless section of the side menu. The jobs page displays.

  2. Click the History tab.

A list of every job runs in the current project displays. Refer to the next section for more information on each element of a job run.

Monitor the activity of a specific job

  1. Click Jobs in the Serverless section of the side menu. The jobs page displays.

  2. Click the name of the job you want to monitor. The Overview tab displays.

The Job runs section lists all the executions of your Serverless job, and provides the following elements:

  • Status: the current status of your job (running, succeeded, canceled, or failed)
  • Run ID: a unique identifier for each job run
  • Starting date: date and time at which your run began
  • End date: date and time at which your run finished
  • Duration: the total time to execute your job

How to activate your Cockpit

Scaleway Cockpit is activated by default if you have created Scaleway resources integrated with Cockpit.

How to access the Grafana dashboard

To view your Serverless Jobs logs, use the Grafana dashboard which is accessible from the Scaleway console:

  • First you must create a user and their associated credentials (a username and password) for Grafana.
  • Then use these credentials to access the Grafana dashboard for all your Scaleway products, via the Scaleway console.
  1. Create a Grafana user and retrieve their username and password by following this procedure.

  2. From the Scaleway console Cockpit overview page, click Open dashboards in the top right corner.

  3. Enter your Grafana username and password to log in.

    You are directed to the Scaleway Cockpit dashboards homepage.

  4. From the Scaleway Dashboards panel, select Serverless Jobs logs.

You are directed to the dashboard. You can use the filters in the top left corner of the page to refine the displayed logs.


You can also access your Serverless Jobs logs from the console via the Logging tab of a job.

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