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SNS Overview

Reviewed on 09 April 2024Published on 04 January 2023

What is SNS?

SNS is a managed messaging service developed by AWS and supported by Scaleway Messaging and Queuing. It is often coupled to work with SQS.

SNS (Simple Notification Service) was released in 2010. It enables users to interconnect their applications and systems using a publish/subscribe pattern. Many publishers can send messages to topics, while consumers, e.g. applications, can subscribe to topics to receive all (or a subset) of messages sent to this topic. Scaleway Messaging and Queuing makes it easy to migrate your SNS-connected applications by providing a dedicated protocol gateway.


Some SNS features are not yet available with Scaleway Messaging and Queuing. Supported subscribers are currently limited to:

  • HTTP/S clients
  • Serverless Functions
  • SQS queues in the same Project

Refer to the developers documentation for more information.

Activating SNS

Before you can start using SNS with Scaleway Messaging and Queuing, you must first activate it. You can do this in a few clicks from the Scaleway console by following our how-to. Alternatively, you can also use the Scaleway API.

SNS credentials

Once you have activated SNS, the next step is to create credentials that give your applications permission to connect to the Scaleway Messaging and Queuing service.

Credentials are scoped to your SQS service at Project-level. You can choose to give each set of credentials the required level of permissions:

  • Read: receive messages from queues and topics.
  • Write: send messages to queues and publish in topics.
  • Manage: create or edit resources (such as queues and topics).

SNS topics and subscriptions

You can create topics and subscriptions via the Scaleway console.

Further actions

All further actions such as sending messages etc. can be done using the AWS CLI or AWS SDKs. Check out our documentation to help you get started with the AWS CLI or AWS SDKs.

SNS Resources

The following resources may be helpful:

  • Official SNS Documentation
  • Further information on supported API features:
    • SNS
  • Creating a simulated CPU monitor notification system with Scaleway Messaging and Queuing SNS
  • Official AWS CLI Documentation
  • Official AWS SDK Documentation
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