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My resource is attached to a Private Network but has no IP address on the network

Reviewed on 08 January 2024Published on 05 July 2023

When you attach a resource to a Private Network, the Private Network’s built-in DHCP defines an IPv4 and IPv6 address for the resource on that network. This is managed via Scaleway’s internal IPAM.

  • Find out how to attach a resource to a Private Network
  • Find out how to view your resource’s IP address on the Private Network

IP addresses are allocated asynchronously from the attachment of the resource in most cases. The IP will therefore not be immediately returned upon attaching a resource via the API, and there may be a brief delay before it displays in the console, as shown below:

However, in some cases even after waiting, an IP address may not be set for your resource on the Private Network. Read on below to find out more about this problem, and how to solve it.

No IP address is displayed and I have not activated DHCP

You may have attached a resource to an “old” Private Network on which you have not activated DHCP. In this case, no IP address for the resource on the network is configured.

You will need to carry out manual configuration to set the IP address on the resource, or activate DHCP.

We strongly recommend that you activate DHCP on the Private Network to let us automatically handle IP address management.

Read our dedicated documentation about VPC migration for more information about how “old” Private Networks are migrated to the VPC, including DHCP activation.

No IP address is displayed but I have activated DHCP

This may be because the resource was attached to the Private Network some time ago, before the product was integrated with IPAM. Therefore, no address is reserved with the IPAM for the resource on this Private Network.

To fix this problem, detach your resource from the Private Network, and reattach it.

Elastic Metal servers

Note that some manual configuration of the network interface is required for Elastic Metal servers. Follow the steps in our dedicated documentation.

If you are running multiple virtual machines on an Elastic Metal server, our managed DHCP is not currently able to distribute IP addresses to your virtual machines. We recommend that you use the Public Gateway API or other developer tools for Public Gateway, to make static DHCP reservations for your virtual machines on Elastic Metal.

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