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Activate and push traces
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How to activate and push traces

Reviewed on 31 October 2023Published on 31 October 2023

This page shows you how to activate traces from the Scaleway console, retrieve the traces push paths, configure the OpenTelemetry HTTP agent, and push traces.

Security & Identity (IAM):

You may need certain IAM permissions to carry out some actions described on this page. This means:

  • you are the Owner of the Scaleway Organization in which the actions will be carried out, or
  • you are an IAM user of the Organization, with a policy granting you the necessary permission sets

Activate traces

  1. Click Cockpit in the Observability section of the console side menu. The Cockpit overview page displays.
  2. Click the APIs and Tokens tab.
  3. Click the Activate traces button. A pop-up displays.
  4. Click Activate traces to confirm.

Retrieve traces push paths


During the beta of the traces feature, only the OpenTelemetry HTTP push path is supported. Scaleway is working on implementing the Open Telemetry gRPC, Zipkin and Jaeger protocols.

Scaleway provides the following push path for the OpenTelemetry agent: /otlp. The complete endpoint is https://traces.cockpit.fr-par.scw.cloud/otlp.

Push traces

  1. Generate a token with Push permissions for traces.

    Once you have created your token, your secret key displays only once. Make sure you copy and save it before you exit the page.

  2. Configure your applications to send traces to your preferred endpoint using your newly-created token for authentication.
  3. Create your Grafana credentials.
  4. Log in to your Grafana account.
  5. Create your Grafana dashboard and start monitoring your data.
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