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Secrets are logical containers made up of zero or more immutable versions, that hold sensitive data.

Secret Manager

Secret Manager is a solution that provides a centralized location where your secrets can be stored and accessed. Its primary purpose is to securely store secrets, thus eliminating the need for developers to hard code sensitive information in applications or configuration files.

With Secret Manager, you can also share sensitive data such as passwords, API keys and certificates.

Scaleway’s Secret Manager can be managed using APIs and the Scaleway CLI, which allow authorized applications or services to retrieve secrets securely. This enables you to automate a deployment by fetching your passwords stored on Secret Manager through the API, and storing them in your environment variables, which will then be used by your application.


Tags allow you to organize your secrets. This gives you the possibility of sorting and filtering your secrets in any organizational pattern of your choice, which in turn helps you arrange, control and monitor your secrets.


Versions store the data contained in your secret (API keys, passwords, or certificates).