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Dedibox VPS - Concepts

Reviewed on 15 May 2024


Bandwidth refers to the maximum rate of data transfer across a network, typically measured in bits per second (bps). It determines the amount of data which can be transmitted between devices, servers, or over the internet.


Each VPS environment is isolated from the others, providing security and preventing one VPS from affecting others.

Operating system

You can choose from various operating systems (e.g., Linux distributions) to run on your VPS.

Remote reboot

This feature allows you to reboot your Dedibox VPS from the Dedibox console if it has stopped responding via the network. You can also use this feature to reboot your server into rescue mode for maintenance actions.

Resource allocation

Each Dedibox VPS has resources (CPU, RAM, storage) allocated to it, ensuring consistent performance.

Root access

You have root access or administrative control over your VPS, allowing customization and installation of software.

User login

During the installation of your server, a user account is created. The user account is a regular user account with sudo rights on Ubuntu Linux.

User password

The password associated with the user login. You can set the user password during the installation of your Dedibox server. For security reasons, it is recommended to choose a temporary password for the installation and to change it once the server has been installed.


Dedibox VPS uses virtualization technology to create isolated virtual machines on a single physical server.

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