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How to access the logcenter

Reviewed on 02 May 2023Published on 05 August 2021

This documentation describes the usage of a previous web hosting offer, proposed by Online.net.
Refer to the Scaleway Web Hosting documentation for information about the current web hosting product.

The logcenter allows you to visualize real-time error logs of your hosting. That way, you can quickly troubleshoot potential issues linked to your code.

  • You have an account and are logged into the Dedibox console
  • You have created a Webhosting Classic

How to create or reset a password for the logcenter

  1. From your Dedibox console, click Hosting. A list of your webhosting accounts displays.
  2. Click Manage next to the hosting you want to configure. The webhosting overview page displays.
  3. Click Statistics and logs in the sidemenu. The statistics and logs overview page displays.
  4. Go to the Logs section and click Define password. If you want to reset your password, click Reset password.
  5. Enter a password and its confirmation, then click Edit account.

    For a strong password, combine lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters.

How to access the logcenter

  1. Access the logcenter.
  2. Enter your domain name as login and the password set in the previous step. Then click Connexion. The logs of your webhosting displays in real-time.

How to download the log files

We provide full access to your website’s logs (access.log). This allows interested parties to have access to the raw data regarding visits to your website.

You can find the connection details on the statistics overview page in your console.

The log files can be downloaded via FTP access. Enter the required connection details to download them using an FTP client:

FTP host: stats.online.net User: webmaster@domain.tld Password: The statistics password | see above

Remember to replace domain.tld with your own domain (for example: mydomain.com).


Keep in mind that even if the username is the same, the log access account is different from the main FTP account. The password is therefore different too.

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