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Object Storage API

Reviewed on 22 January 2024Published on 13 September 2018

In this page we index all available Scaleway Object Storage API requests.

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization

When you use Object Storage directly with the API, you must generate an Authentication Signature v4 beforehand.


  • Feature available: ✅
  • Feature coming in 2024: ⌛
  • Deprecated feature: ❗

Common Operations

GetServiceReturns a list of all buckets

Bucket Operations

CreateBucketCreates bucket
DeleteBucketDeletes bucket
DeleteBucketCorsDeletes the CORS configuration of a bucket
DeleteBucketLifecycleDeletes the lifecycle configuration of a bucket
DeleteBucketPolicyDeletes the policy of a specified bucket
DeleteBucketTaggingDeletes the tag(s) of a bucket
DeleteBucketWebsiteDeletes the bucket website configuration of a specified bucket
GetBucketAclReturns the bucket ACL
GetBucketCorsReturns the CORS configuration of a bucket
GetBucketLifecycleReturns the lifecycle configuration information set on the bucket
GetBucketLifecycleConfigurationReturns the lifecycle configuration information set on a bucket
GetBucketLocationReturns the region where the bucket is
GetBucketNotificationReturns the notification configuration of a bucket
GetBucketPolicyReturns the policy of a specified bucket
GetBucketPolicyStatusRetrieves the policy status for a bucket. The status indicates whether a bucket is public or not
GetBucketTaggingReturns the tag(s) of a bucket
GetBucketVersioningReturns the versioning state of a bucket
GetBucketWebsiteReturns the bucket website basic configuration
HeadBucketChecks if the bucket exists
ListObjectsLists objects in the bucket
ListObjectsV2Returns some or all (up to 1,000) of the objects in a bucket
ListObjectVersionsReturns metadata about all the versions of objects in a bucket
PutBucketAclConfigures the Access Control List of a bucket
PutBucketCorsConfigures CORS on a bucket
PutBucketLifecycleCreates a new lifecycle configuration or replaces an existing bucket lifecycle configuration
PutBucketLifecycleConfigurationCreates a new lifecycle configuration or replaces an existing bucket lifecycle configuration
PutBucketNotificationEnables notifications of specified events for a bucket
PutBucketPolicyApplies an S3 bucket policy to an S3 bucket. The key elements of bucket policy are Version, ID, Statement, Sid, Principal, Action, Effect, Resource and Condition. You can find out more about each element by clicking the links, or consulting the full documentation
PutBucketTaggingSets the tag(s) of a bucket
PutBucketVersioningSets the versioning state of an existing bucket
PutBucketWebsiteEnables bucket website and sets the basic configuration for the website

Object Operations

AbortMultipartUploadAborts a multipart upload
CompleteMultipartUploadAssembles previously uploaded parts to completes a multipart upload
CopyObjectCopies an object
CreateMultipartInitiates a multipart upload and returns the upload ID
DeleteObjectsDelete multiple objects in a single request (up to 1000)
DeleteObjectDeletes an object
DeleteObjectTaggingDeletes the tag(s) of an object
GetObjectRetrieves an object
GetObjectAclGets the ACL of an object
GetObjectLegalHoldGets an object’s current Legal Hold configuration
GetObjectLockConfigurationGets an object Lock configuration for a bucket. The specified rule will be applied by default to every new object placed in the bucket
GetObjectRetentionRetrieves an object’s retention settings
GetObjectTaggingGet the tag(s) of an object
HeadObjectGets object metadata
ListMultipartLists in-progress multipart uploads
OPTIONS objectAllows to send a preflight request to trigger an evaluation of the rules that are defined in the CORS configuration
POST objectAdds an object to a bucket by using HTML forms
PutObjectAdds an object to a bucket
PutObjectAclAdds an ACL to an object
PutObjectTaggingAdds one or several tags to an object
PutObjectLegalHoldApplies a Legal Hold configuration to the specified object
PutObjectLockConfigurationSets an object lock configuration on a specified bucket
PutObjectRetentionPlaces an object Retention configuration on an object
RestoreObjectRestores an object from Glacier
UploadPartUploads a part in a multipart upload
UploadPartCopyCopies data from an existing object as data source to upload a part
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