Stardust, the Instance you don’t want to miss ✨

Scaleway is proud to introduce our own 1GB instance with our world-class ecosystem and at an out of this world price: €0.0025/hour.

1 vCPU, 1 GB of RAM, 1 IPv4 address, 10GB of local storage, up-to 100Mbps Bandwidth and compatible Private Networks. All included for just a quarter of a Euro cent per hour to be exact.

Some would call it the best deal ever. Let’s call it Stardust. Every month, limited numbers of Stardust Instances will be released, be sure you don’t miss the next time it rains Stardust, subscribe to be alerted first.

The main benefits of Stardust Instances

Test and explore our ecosystem

Whether you are a new Cloud Rider on our ecosystem or a sleeping beauty, (re)discover our wide range of cloud services by playing around with your Stardust Instance. Set-up your Load Balancers, test your Private Networks, ensure communication between instances and your S3 bucket, setup multi-region scenarios. Make yourself at home.

Adapted to small web-hosting

Not all the services in your ecosystem require huge amounts of power to run. In addition to your main workloads running on our Dev and GP instances, Stardust is the perfect fit for a small self-hosted LAMP website, a code-repo back-up or an internal Wiki platform. Keep it easy and efficient.

Set up your triggers and workers

When the time comes to build perfect Cloud Native architectures on our world class ecosystem, it’s always nice to have a helping hand. Set-up daemons, triggers and workers on Stardust Instances.

VPN, torrent, bastion and more

And that’s just a few of the things that you can do easily with our perfectly sized Stardust Instances. Take advantage of our prices: we are sure that once you have tried our numerous services, Stardust will only be the beginning in a year-long partnership.

Stardust, world’s best Performance / Price ratio

Amazing Use Cases for your Stardust Instance

How can I claim my Stardust instance ?

Stardust stocks will be limited at launch: one Stardust in PAR1, one in AMS1…if you are quick enough to get one!

More instances will be added to the pool regularly. These exclusive releases are called Stardust rain, and you don’t want to miss them. Here’s how it works.

Be sharp and ready !

We will release new Stardust Instances on our instance pool regularly, both in our PAR1 and AMS1 Availability Zones. First come, first served! Open your Scaleway account now and subscribe to our mailing lists to hear about the next time it’s going to rain Stardust.

Follow us and our events

Some Stardust rain will be exclusive to our various events: Meetups, Webinars, Podcasts, ClubU…your loyalty will prove to be a great head start!

Contribute to the community

As a European Cloud Provider that cherishes OpenSource, transparency and community, it is only normal that your contribution is recognized. Answer your peers’ questions on our Slack community, gain points and badges on Discord to benefit from perks, including Stardust Instances.

Complete your Stardust Ecosystem

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