Virtual SSD Cloud Servers

High performance SSD servers for any workload.

Fast provisionning

Deploy your BareMetal SSD Cloud Servers in two clicks and 44 seconds. Automate everything through our powerful REST API.

Multiple architecture

Choose your server architecture - ARMv8 or x86-64 depending of your needs from an all-in-one fully automated platform.

Seamless migration

Scaleway is the first cloud platform worldwide to allow a seamless transition between Cloud and BareMetal servers.

Insanely affordable cloud servers

The efficient platform to support all your workloads, from development to production.

Our Virtual SSD Cloud Servers are designed to cover any workload from development to production. We created the Starter Cloud servers for small to intermediate workloads: test, development or small to medium applications and everyone looking for a scale-out approach. The Workload Intensive Cloud Servers provide large amount of memory and highest performing processors for intensive workloads: high performance databases or in-memory caches, batch processing, ad serving, gaming, and video-encoding.

Manage Cloud Servers in no time

Simple and powerful features to take control of the cloud.


User data

Enjoy user data to provide extra information using Scaleway Metadata service to customize your server.



Deploy series of servers with predefined configurations using images.



Snapshot your volumes to create point-in-time backup. Copy and recover volume data or clone volumes.


Seamless scaling

Resize your Virtual Cloud Server directly from the control panel. At any time you can scale-up or scale-out on different server types.


Flexible IPs

With multiple high-end transit providers and the best peerings, we give you the power to deliver content anywhere on the globe.


Security groups

Security groups are like a virtual firewall. With security groups, you can define rules that restrict network access to your servers.



We use KVM hypervisors that offers great performances and security.

Flexible volumes illustration

Flexible volumes

Additional volumes, Movable IPs, security groups, SIS Object Storage, snapshots, etc. infrastructure combinations are limitless.

Discover a new cloud experience

Deploy SSD cloud servers in seconds.

Tools for developer

Simple and robust tools that let you take control of the cloud.


Manage servers and resources in a simple, programmatic way using conventional HTTP requests. All features you will find in the web control panel are also available through the API.

SCW, the command line interface is an essential tool to operate in a cloud environment as it allows you to manage your resources faster.

Use tools you love to manage your cloud infrastructure: Terraform, Saltstack, Docker, Cloud66 and much more.

Distributions and InstantApps

Ready to use distributions and applications in a click.

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Virtual SSD Cloud Servers Pricing

Predictible pricing, billed by the hour.

Our prices are VAT exclusive.
Infinite cloud combinations illustration

Flexible SSD volumes

Volumes can be moved between all your Cloud and BareMetal servers. You can snapshot all your volumes to automate deployments or for later recovery. With Scaleway virtual cloud servers, the total size of your volumes is fixed.