Customer Success Story: Mysterium-Network

The context

We’ve been looking for a managed Kubernetes solution without traffic limitations (including hidden ones) as a core platform for our product. It can vary month to month on both sides and with Scaleway we don’t care about any volume of traffic and just pay for the bandwidth we need right now.
Also, a good thing is their bare metal servers which are easy to install and always available in a few clicks\minutes as well.
That helps us to be always on an optimal level on resources and spending side and easily upscale or downscale our infrastructure.

Their Solution

What Scaleway products are used:

Object Storage
Serverless Functions
Elastic Metal
Managed PostgreSQL

How did they build their architecture:

  • About 100 various services in kubernetes cluster
  • Some amount of apps on bare metal for resource-heavy tasks
  • Volumes and managed databases used for persistence layer
  • Serverless Functions for periodic checks for monitoring purposes


Load balancer traffic:

Also some positive things after we started to use Scaleway products:
We got almost all we needed in one place, we reduced the time we spent to maintain infrastructure as a lot of products has automatic integration(like Cockpit by default grabs metrics from cluster, functions, etc). don’t care about OS or software updates on cluster nodes, It can be automatically managed by Scaleway. Same thing for databases, reduced time to manage them.

Future plans

  • Looking for much flexible kubernetes nodes, like high CPU cores, less RAM
  • Looking for kind a ‘outside’ monitoring solution as a replacement of uptimerobot or similar